Increased e-Commerce activity has led to a similar increase in lost profits due to online fraud. The Authentify service stops fraud by making automated telephone contact with the person involved in the online transaction.

By knowing the true identity of the customer, businesses are able to take full advantage of their e-Commerce capability without sacrificing profits to credit card chargeback fees and lost products or services.

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The Authentify process is a flexible authentication solution that creates a fully integrated customer experience during an online transaction. Automated voice prompts used during the outbound customer call can be customized to include the merchant’s name and any text that is specific to the merchant’s needs. Also, the service’s XML-based architecture makes it easy to layer multi-factor authentication into current online application regardless of platform.

The merchant controls the web pages housing the Authentify application, making it simple to choose which instances the Authentify process is used for authentication. For example, transactions over a pre-specified dollar limit or requests to ship to an address other than the billing address may be examples where the merchant may desire to make contact with the customer using Authentify. This flexibility allows you to automatically flag specific applications for authentication without incurring the time and expense of manually reviewing higher risk transactions.

Let users authenticate and gain access from anywhere, anytime, from any device.

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