Financial Services

For more than a decade, Authentify has been helping hundreds of financial services firms both large and small protect themselves and their customers from account hijacking, friend and family fraud, insider tampering, and other fraudulent funds transfers resulting from malware initiated man-in-the middle (MITM) and man-in-the browser (MITB) attacks.

Authentify’s phone-based out-of-band authentication services enable banks and other financial services firms to make certain the legitimate account holder is the user initiating an online transaction. Additionally, Authentify’s phone-based services can be used to deliver transaction details to the end user for review and approval prior to the transaction being finalized.

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Authentify offers out-of-band authentication services in more than 120 countries and in any spoken language. We’ve learned one approach seldom suits all needs. Whether you have a global presence or a more local focus, we can tailor a solution for you and your users.


Out-of-Band Authentication

Reaching the customer via second communication channel.


End user triggers authentication request.


Financial services firm requests call placed to end users phone.


Authentify places call.


End user follows instruction received during the call.

Let users authenticate and gain access from anywhere, anytime, from any device.

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