Password Reset

Resetting account passwords represents a crucial security event for online customer accounts.

With online criminals gaining easy access to customer generated passwords and other account information, it is nearly impossible to ensure that delivering a new password through email or other online mechanisms is secure.

Authentify’s password reset application combines true out-of-band safeguards with real-time delivery to produce the most secure and convenient method of resetting account access.



User enters login ID and clicks "Forgot Your Password?" link to reset password.


User directed to web page displaying trusted phone numbers. Authentify phone call placed to chosen number.


Confirmation number displayed on web page. User completes Authentify process. Upon successful process completion temporary password delivered over the phone.


User directed back to login screen to log in with temporary password. Upon initial login user is prompted to change temporary password.

Let users authenticate and gain access from anywhere, anytime, from any device.

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